A smartphone showing the symbols of a microphone, a loudspeaker and a voice recognition software. On the left hand a speech bubble out of face silhouette, on the right side a speech bubble from the smartphone app. Symbolizing increased patient compliance for patient diaries for telemonitoring through speech recognition.
Published: 2019/06/26 - Case Study - by Andreas Rösch and David Schmoldt

Improving Patient Compliance With Speech Recognition

The use of patient diaries for telemonitoring often fails due to a lack of compliance. The use of speech recognition can increase patient compliance.

A monitor showing white outlines of a brain on a black background, symbolizing Medical Imaging
Published: 2019/02/19 - Case Study - by Mortimer Gierthmühlen

Medical Imaging Software – What Clinicians need

Medical imaging software is developed for clinicians. Do you know what requirements these professional users have? Here a user tells you!

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