Risk Management

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Risk Management for Medical Devices: ISO 14971

The risks of a medical device must be acceptable in comparison to its benefits. Manufacturers must therefore carry out a risk management process. Read how this works in this article.

In the foreground a hand above a red button, in the background an MRI with some bolts around it, symbolizing dangerous error condition. The whole image symbolizes Risk Management for Medical Devices.

Risk Management for Medical Devices

Risk management in medical devices is an important contribution to patient safety. But how do you perform a risk management. We tell you!

Skull and crossbones in the background, silhouette of a person in the foreground with green hands above his head, protecting him. The image symbolizes Risk Management according to ISO 14971

ISO 14971 Risk Management in the Future

Safety risks have always been considered in risk management according to ISO 14971. But what is about upcoming security risks?