Using the Site – General Questions

How Can I Use VDE Medical Software?

We regularly publish articles on all aspects of medical software. These articles mainly contain useful regulatory and market access information that will help you in your daily work. We are also building a glossary that explains important terms related to medical software in a compact way. In addition, you have the possibility to ask questions and give answers to all contents. In the Q/A forum you can also rank all questions and answers, so that the dialogues that interest the most move up. And of course, you can create your own profile, find other experts, connect with them and share knowledge on VDE Medical Software. Please note our privacy policy and our terms of use.

Why Should I Register With VDE Medical Software?

If you register, you can actively participate in the medical software community. You can

  • contribute your knowledge as an expert in the community and receive knowledge from others,
  • comment and suggest terms in the glossary,
  • introduce yourself to the community with your own profile,
  • post contributions to medical software yourself, share your knowledge and comment on and supplement the knowledge of others, and
  • register for the newsletter, which provides you with the most important information about medical software.

The registration on VDE Medical Software is free of charge. We reserve the right to acknowledge registered users of VDE Medical Software if they have a complete or meaningful user profile and contribute significantly to the community. Please note our privacy policy and our terms of use.

How Should VDE Medical Software Users Behave on the Platform?

In short: professional, constructive and respectful. VDE Medical Software is a platform for professionals, specialists and experts. We want our users to read and contribute high quality content. We want our users to have a respectful, committed and useful discussion. What we do not want are exclusively promotional contributions. What we also don’t want are bad manners of any kind. We reserve the right to immediately delete any illegal or abusive content published by the user. You can find all the details in the terms of use.

What Is a VDE Medical Software Author?

As mentioned above, we regularly publish articles mainly related to regulatory aspects of medical software. The authors of these articles are marked in their profiles. If you would like to publish an article and become an author, please contact us via our contact form. Contributions must include relevant content and must not be promotional. In addition, they must meet certain formal criteria.

Is there an app or an easy way to use VDE Medical Software on my mobile phone?

There is no app, but you can easily add VDE Medical to your home screen of your mobile device.

For iPhone users with Safari:

For Android users with Chrome:

How can I subscribe to the Blog?

You can add our RSS Feed to your RSS Reader, e. g. Outlook. To add the feed to Outlook, simply right click on the “RSS-Feeds” folder and chose “Add new RSS-Feed”. Here’s a Screenshot (the language on the screenshot is German).

Screenshot how to add RSS Feed to Outlook

The URL of our Blog is https://meso.vde.com/feed

How Does The Glossary Work?

The glossary is an explanation of important terms in the context of medical software. Each term is explained briefly and may refer to further content or references. Starting from the glossary alphabetical list, you can select any term and find articles in which the glossary term appears. Glossary terms are marked in the articles. If you hover over the terms, you will see a tooltip with an explanation. If you want to comment or suggest a glossary term, write a comment. Please note that the explanation of a glossary term has a maximum of 240 characters (including spaces). We reserve the right to decide which terms will be included in the glossary and in what form.

Registration Process

I Have not Received the Email to Activate my Account. What Can I Do?

If this has happened, you should try again to receive an activation link by email. Please go to https://meso.vde.com/register/?resend and enter your email-address you have used to sign up. The email will be sent again. If you still do not receive the activation email within 2 hours, please contact the administrator

I Have Activated my Account by Clicking on the Link in the Activation Email. I Still Cannot Log in. Why?

The administrator will check your details and approve your account as soon as possible. You will get another notification email once your account is approved.

Using the Community

What Is the Community?

It is the VDE Medical Software expert community. You can get your own profile, can post and share content, search, view and comment on other community members’ content, and chat with other community members. Please create your profile as complete and meaningful as possible. Under “About” you can make detailed settings for your personal area on VDE Medical Software.

Use hashtags when posting. If you start terms between 3 and 16 letters with a #, you define a hashtag. You can find hashtags faster and group discussions. If you want to make text bold, place two stars before and two stars after the text (**bold**). If you want to use italics for text, place one asterisk before and one asterisk after the text (*italic*). If you type a hyphen followed by a space and a text, the text will appear as a bulleted list.

You can mention other users in your posts by tagging the user name (“@username”). The user you mention in your post will receive a notification.

What Are Contacts?

Contacts are relationships between users of VDE Medical Software. You can ask other users to be your contact and vice versa. If you click on “Members“, you will be shown the registered users of VDE Medical Software (if they have agreed). You can search for individual users and add them as contacts. One advantage is that by making contacts you can customize the content displayed in your feed. Alternatively, you can follow users of VDE Medical Software. An often-used setting is that only contacts can chat with each other.

What Are Groups?

Groups are non-public forums on VDE Medical Software in which, for example, partners of cooperation projects can communicate confidentially with each other or in which certain users of VDE Medical Software can meet exclusively. If you would like to join a group, you must be invited by the group administrator. Would you like to create a group yourself please contact us via our contact form.

Can I format my posts in the community (bold, italic, etc.)? Can I use markdown?

There are no buttons to format your text, so you’ll have to use markdown. You have the following options:

**bold text** for bold text
*italic text* for italic text
`inline code` for inline code
~~strikethrough~~` for strikethrough

You can create ordered lists by numbering your elements: 1. VDE 2. Frankfurt, 3. Medical Software would result in something like:

  1. VDE
  2. Frankfurt
  3. Medical Software

You can create unordered lists by using asterisk *(+space) or -(+space): – VDE – Frankfurt – Medical Software for 

  • VDE
  • Frankfurt
  • Medical Software

Haven’t Found What You Were Looking for?

Where Can I Ask Questions About Using the Platform or Report Bugs?

Feedback is most welcome. The best way is to use our contact form. As a registered user you can also chat with us in the community.