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  1. I suggest a term “IEEE” as it is another organization that develops standards. ”

    “IEEE is an internationally active technology association headquartered in New York, USA. IEEE publishes, hosts conferences, develops standards and promotes professional and educational activities.”

  2. In case the term “CYBERSECURITY” is underlined, the following pop-up-text is shown in case the mouse is placed above:

    “Cybersecurity (information security) describes the freedom of potential harm (unauthorized access or modification of personal data or software data) caused by attacks on IT systems connected to the internet.”

    I suggest to broaden the last part of the definition “… systems connected to the internet.” with respect to the (longer) definition in the glossary. Only “internet” seems not sufficient.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thank you, Hans, for pointing out, that the description in the tooltip, when hovering over the term, does not match the definition in the Glossary. I’d like to let you know, that we’re using shorter definitions for the so called tooltips with a length of 240 characters at max. To dissolve the incongruity between tooltip and definition in the glossary I’d like to suggest to use in the tooltip the first two sentences of the current definition, which would be:
      “Cybersecurity deals with all aspects of security in information and communication technology. The field of action of information security is extended to the entire cyber space. ”
      Is this sufficient? Or would you suggest any other wording?

    2. Dear Florian,
      I already thought that there is a limitation in the length of the pop-up-text. I am fine with the suggestion(as mentioned, the limitation to the “internet” was my concern).
      Thank you for your response!
      Kind regards,


      1. Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the tooltip of the term cybersecurity. And, by the way, I have updated the settings, so that you can now reply to comments up to a level of 5 comments deep.

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