Why VDE MeSo?

MeSo stands for Medical Devices and Software

VDE has been supporting the medical device industry for many years. During this time, the challenges for companies have constantly increased.

Manufacturers have to take high risks to be innovative. Requirements and bureaucracy make market success more and more difficult. In 2017, the new European regulations for medical devices (MDR) and in-vitro diagnostics (IVDR) came into force. This has made the situation even worse, especially for small, medium-sized and young companies.

Instead of being able to help patients with new technologies, companies have to meet excessive legal requirements. Is this really reasonable for improving health care?

But we also see that it is not just the extent of legal requirements that is a burden. In many cases, European legislators leave companies unclear what exactly has to be done and how. That is unsatisfactory and unefficient.

All this comes up in a situation where our healthcare system is struggling to reward innovation adequately. And this despite the fact that today’s patients are empowered and demand innovative solutions.

We believe that a joint effort is necessary to help companies successfully bring new and good medical devices to the market. This is why VDE has created the MeSo – Medical Devices and Software services.

We want to share our first-hand knowledge on regulation, standards, norms, testing and certification. And we want to connect and motivate experts to exchange knowledge, apply it and improve the situation together.

It should be our common interest to continuously work towards better health care. We hope for your support. Join us and “know more”.